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    Leadership in Aviation


    Charita Sellers,
    Founding Principal
    Arthur R. Cooper, JD,

    Lt. Col. Jerry Brandon (Ret.)
    Director of Aviation
    Wendi Berthelot, CPA MBA,

    Robert M. Webb Jr.
    Chief Academic Officer
    Chad Cornett,

    Preston Castille
    President, Helix Community Schools
    Veronica Howard Sizer, JD
    Dr. Luria Young
    Renee Chatelain, JD
    Michael Victorian

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    We are a tuition-free, open-enrollment charter school launching in the Fall of 2021 with 120 6th grade students. Our founding students will be a very special group as they will set the foundation for our K – 12 Aviation Academy and be the first class to graduate from our one-of-a-kind school located on the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport in 2028.

    I wish both of those schools would have existed when I was a student.

    Preston Castille, President of HCS, Baton Rouge, LA

    Helix Aviation Academy, which will eventually stretch from kindergarten to 12th grade, is unique. Students will have a chance from a young age to embark on an aviation career, ranging from mechanics to technicians to engineers and pilots.

    Full STEAM Ahead, The Advocate, Baton Rouge, LA

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